Using my camera as my palette I use a variety of unique tools and digital paint brushes transform a photographic image into a wonderfully unique painting. I call this Paintography or Painted Photography. In these paintings I strive for bold, vivid colors along with a variety of brush strokes to create the painterly effect. Most of my Paintography pieces are landscapes, nature and street scenes.

I love watercolor paintings. The transparency of the layers of colors is exciting to see unfold during the painting process. While many artists find this a difficult medium I love the challenge of bringing a scene to life in the blending of colors on the white paper. I have been instructed in watercolors for several years and have attended several watercolor workshops studying with nationally recognized watercolorists.

I’ve a lifelong passion for photography. The medium is both challenging and rewarding. When I look through the viewfinder I am always imagining the image as hanging on a wall. Capturing the light and mood of the setting is as important as strong composition in creating a work of fine art. I mostly work in nature, landscape and wildlife scenes.