About The Artist

I remain in awe of the visual feasts this world has to offer.   Experiences like strolling along the shorelines of the East Coast, exploring the mountains of the West,  soaking in the sights and culture of Europe, the serenity of the landscapes in remote corners of the world, inspire my art.  Even daily life in the places I’ve lived surround me with beauty and creative ideas.

Hi, My name is Gregg Litchfield. When I look back I guess you can say that my artistic journey started early when I bought my first 35mm camera.  I realized then that photography was a way to artfully capture moments and preserve memories in creative ways.  Its formed the foundation of my venture into other art mediums with a focus on nature, landscapes and small town charm.

I use my photographs as the basis for creating colorful and unique art pieces through a process I call “Paintography”.  This process allows me to work with a wider range of colors and effects.  Further expressing the photograph through a unique painting is very rewarding.  The uniqueness and vibrancy of my “Paintography” pieces has won several awards and adorns many homes and businesses. 

I also paint with watercolors which I absolutely love.  The unique properties of watercolor paints allow for a wide range of effects, from soft washes to bold, striking lines and layers of colors.  I have developed my watercolorist skills through collaboration with wonderful local artists and participating in several watercolor workshops with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Tony Couch, Sterling Edwards and others.

Wherever I go I’m always looking out for another opportunity to create an artist impression.  My camera allows me capture those moments  for later expression in some form of art.  I often think of my camera as my palette.

With each image I am looking to create something special, something I would be proud of hanging in my gallery or in my clients home or place of business.