About The Artist

My name is Gregg Litchfield, and I am an artist based in Loveland, OH and Sunset Beach, NC.
My love for the arts started with photography and began early in my life. It really became a passion with processing my own black and white photography in my basement darkroom. In fact it was one of my early black and white prints, which won a local photography contest hosted by Kodak in the 1970′s that motivated me to keep exploring and developing my skills. Over time my artistic interests have evolved to include nature, wildlife, landscape and macro.

Over the past several years I’ve branched out and started developing my watercolor and digital art skills. Currently I am using my photographs as the basis for creating colorful and unique art pieces through a process I call “Paintography”. 

My “Paintography” has won me several awards at local art shows. I have developed my watercolorist skills through collaboration with wonderful local artists and participating in several watercolor workshops with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Tony Couch and Sterling Edwards.

I enjoy the challenge photography offers. Using composition, lighting, exposure, depth of field to create something pleasing brings me great joy. Further expressing the photograph through a unique painting is even more rewarding.
Wherever I go I’m always looking out for another opportunity to create an artist impression. My camera allows me capture the emotion and visual clarity of those special moments. In fact, I often say my camera is my palette.

With each image I am looking to create something special, something I would be proud of hanging in my gallery or in my clients home or place of business.

If you want to know more about how I may help you turn your moments into picture perfect memories, please contact me today!