Paintography Gallery

I am always challenging myself to photograph subjects in ways that translate well into a painting. Sometimes I go the watercolor route and many times I employ digital painting techniques, something I call “Paintography” (aka Painted Photography).   What is Paintography?   It is the combination of Digital Photography and Digital Painting. First, I experiment with different camera techniques to acquire an image that I feel will not only be a worthy digital photograph but also make an excellent under-painting for my digital painting process. My next step is “play” with the colors, tones and contrast, employing  a variety of effects until I feel the image is right for painting.   I then go into “painting” mode using a variety of brush types to simplify, blend, stroke, etc. until I feel I have a finished painting. All my “Paintography” is then printed Giclée style on fine art watercolor paper. Below are links to my Paintography Galleries.  Browse around and enjoy. Thank You for visiting.